Some Weird Sin all dayer

Had a great afternoon/evening out at the Windmill in Brixton. Its a great sociable venue populated by as many band members as fans/interested parties. As it started at 4pm only downside is that it becomes a bit of a marathon to stay until the end. Managed to see 6 of the 9 bands namely, Kid Slug, The Blue Carpet band, Calva Louise,White Ape, The Fiasco’s and The Empty Page.

They all had their strong points. Kid Slug were straight forward fast R and B, The Blue Carpet Band  had a strong frontman , with a nod to Freddie Mercury in his looks and a solid backing band. White Ape are edgy indie with some guitar work reminiscent of Franz Ferdinand and a great line in humerous and thoughtful lyrics. The Fiasco’s were polished power pop with a really tight sound that would translate to bigger venues. By the time the Empty page were on unfortunately the lager had dulled my senses of appreciation (sorry guys) . I remember them as quirky with again strong sound which would warrant another listen.

Stand out band were Calva Louise (who I’d seen before at Wonkfest in July). Remind me of Wolf Alice a little,they write a mixture of catchy chorused songs, mixed in with some more psychedelic rocking out numbers. They look the part , have youth on their side and have appeal to both male and female audiences. I think they could do big things (they were featured at Roundhouse rising 2016 as up and coming). So they are my new band of the week.

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