Selfridges New Music Night 13/9/2017


The Nova Twins (above) playing in what turned out to be a stage bordered by gauze panels( which facilitated image projection during the show) . Selfridges have spared no expense on a state of the art stage and sound. It was a little bit like those Heineken adverts ie If Heineken were building a music venue this is what it would look like. It seemed like all the bands enjoyed the novelty. First on were Animal Sons, who played some strong guitar based anthemic songs. Great vocalist who really had a strong emotional voice that came across well in the venue. They have been part of Radio One introducing this year and are a young solid band, so one to look out for.

Nova Twins up next and the reason I went. Really fantastic scuzzy bass guitar , reminiscent of Rage against the machine. Second time of seeing them and they had got their fans along which added to the atmosphere. They really smashed it and were the band of the evening. Even grabbed my wife’s attention who hadn’t heard anything by them before, which is saying they really are something slightly different.

Headliners were Yassassin who reminded me a little of Garbage in their delivery and musical heritage. In isolation they played a good 30 minute set but on the evening the Nova Twins had blown everyone else out of the park. They will be headlining Camden Assembly on the 30th November. Good chance to see them in a small venue again.

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