229 The Venue-This Feeling (21/9/2017)

Had a great and interesting night out at this central London students Union location close to Regents Park. In pursuit of promoting my blog made an effort and spoke to a few people over the course of the evening.


Realistically the people I spoke to are already bought into the idea of seeing new younger bands but hopefully by comparing experiences we can expand the cause a little. Met a nice couple from Walthamstow ( sorry did’nt get your names) who had pretty much come on spec, Gary from Hartlepool who had come down for the day and was following Trampolene ( the headliners) and introduced myself to a guy called Dave who I had seen the previous week at the Selfridges event. Between the bands had some good chats .

In terms of the bands on offer I had gone to see Calva Louise , who started proceedings, and were great as per my previous two viewings. Good chemistry between the band, some catchy songs and plenty of power in the delivery. Didnt really understand why they were first on as they surely deserve to be further up the bill.


Next on were Breed, who had a couple of technical difficulties ,but were quite heavy which seemed to be appreciated by the audience with plenty of respectful head nodding . They were boys with guitars with suitable swagger and attitude, encouraging the audience to come closer.

Third band were False Heads who were a three piece indie . Played a strong set and listening back it was pretty loud (now I know why my ears were ringing) Check them out at :https://www.facebook.com/FalseHeads/videos/vb.300650261291/10152651756726292/?type=2&theater . I think like Trampolene they have been supporting recent Libertines tour.

Headliners were Trampolene who I was looking forward to after sampling a fair amount of material on youtube. Played some of their what I would call more popular and anthemic tracks interspersed and introduced by some poetry. Been compared to the Arctic Monkey’s and I would say that’s an apt comparison. They also clearly associate with the Libertines in terms of style.Again a strong boys with guitars vibe with self belief and take no prisoners energy.


In conclusion for an £8 ticket you got access to four really strong bands who all entertained and did a great job despite a relatively small audience (50% capacity at most) which is disappointing when music venues are under pressure. We need to spread the word and get people supporting these younger bands.

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