Mystery Jets-Jetrospective at the Garage 28/9/2017.

mystery jets

Managed to get tickets for the third night of five with the Mystery Jets playing Seratonin. Not my favourite album of theirs but it brought back memories of seeing them at Somerset House a few years ago which was a really good show based strongly on the Seratonin album at the time.

The Garage is of course a good stripped back venue (only 600 capacity) allowing  you to see bands reasonably close up. Have to give the Mystery Jets kudos for choosing such an intimate venue but based on the fact many fans seemed to be buying tickets for all five nights have to question their pulling power these days.

I had forgotten how 80’s influenced this band and this album are but some very anthemic songs with strong melodies and sing along choruses ( as demonstrated by the relatively youthful crowd singing along to all the tracks). I was expecting a bit more emotionally from this “Jetrospective” but didnt really feel it in that way. Thought it was played well but expected a little more power  from whats is a seasoned band at this point. Highlight of the album for me is “Melt” which I would say epitomizes the strong points of the Mystery Jets- melodic, sing along choruses and generally upbeat and optimistic, even if many of their songs espouse the frustrations of searching for love.

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