Cabbage at Student Central -5/10/2017.

The mighty Cabbage back in London playing a new venue for me. This is my third time of seeing and they played a couple of new songs amongst the many familiar tunes. They are maturing quickly as a band, the overall sound is getting that really tight feel based on plenty of playing live. Some rough edges are now disappearing which has its pros and cons. The other aspect I noticed is they are starting to extend and experiment with some songs adding false endings etc. There is no doubting their musical development and the quirkiness and variety of the songs remains. I just hope they dont completely discard the original roughness which endeared them to their early audiences .

Support came form two bands. First up were Proletariat, who also hail from Manchester. This is not a criticism but they provided the audience with a boys with guitars performance which demonstrated some good songs, which I subsequently have listed to via a free CD given away at the gig which was really good. I also bought a T-shirt as nice design. So Im vested in these guys so I wish them the best. Very young band and need to find their niche as in current political climate they have the name that might take them  far, despite their being a couple of other bands around with the same name.

Second support was from Queen Zee and the Sasstones. This band takes you back to Glam with post punk leanings, with an in your face front person who engaged with the audience , daring you to dance , as the band laid down some heavy backing. Definitely seek these guys out again. I’ve listened to some of their stuff to triangulate my opinion and currently the live show is far more powerful than their recordings. The band are energetic proponents of the diversity agenda with a positive message and outlook.



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