Shame play surprise gig at Dr Marten boot room in Camden 20/10/2017

Missed out on seeing Shame at the Scala last Wednesday so when I saw they were playing a free set in Camden got a ticket pronto. I saw Shame last March supporting the Fall and thought they had potential . So interested to see them 18 months later and was pleased to see that although they have developed musically and in performance terms they have lost all their rawness . I think there was a maximum 60 people in attendance. Drinks were free and they played a 40 minute set with no prevarication. The vocalist spent half the show bounding around in the audience and they are a band who firstly look like they are enjoying themselves ( due to the small stage they struggled to stay within its perimeter) and secondly showed 100% commitment to the audience and venue, when they could have felt it was a little beneath them after being at Scala. Good band worth seeing and create an enthusiastic connection with the audience.

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