Pigeon Detectives 10th Anniversary Tour-O2 Kentish Town 1/11/2017

Seen the Pigeon detectives a couple of times before and the Little Comets a good few times more over the years. Managed to miss the first support so lets move on.

First saw Little Comets at a Ben and Jerry sponsored mini festival in Clapham a few years ago. They were pretty young then and the opening act if I remember correctly . But ever since I think they have retained a small but loyal following. They write good tunes with progressive lyrics that demonstrate a strong social conscience. They have a recognisable guitar sound which on recent outings has been consigned to the back ground a little as they have developed their musical style and moved away from jangly guitars to a more mature fuller sound.

I haven’t tired of them yet and look forward to seeing them again. They did a forty minute set but they have plenty of strong material from their four albums.

By comparison the Pigeon Detectives are not such a thoughtful band but a celebration in undeniable exuberance. The first album” Wait for me” is undeniably their best and they powered through it tonight despite the vocalists leg mishap a couple of nights back on the tour. We were entertained by a number of anthemic  2 minutes 30 second singalongs such as “Romantic Type” and “I’m not sorry”which were then interspersed with some B sides and rarities in order to pad out what is only a 33 minute album.

The crowd reacted with suitable enthusiasm. Quite a young crowd considering they have been performing for 10 years there was encouragement from the band with comments such as “best crowd on the tour “. True or not it was suitably lively as the band continued the adrenalin fuelled tracks from the album.

In all honestly I probably wouldn’t have bought tickets if it hadn’t been from the support from Little Comets but it was clear the majority of the crowd had come to relive past glory with the Pigeon Detectives.

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