Lemon Twigs at 02 Forum Kentish Town-15/11/2017.

I booked this outing about six months ago having stumbled across a couple of tracks by the Lemon Twigs and attracted to the 1970’s retro feeling and flamboyant presence showcased on a couple of you tube vids.

Support was provided by Flyte who provided a complimentary musical view of the world and seemed to have a reasonable following at the O2. Need to do a bit more research but didn’t instantly grab me .

Lemon Twigs hit the stage about 9.30 and proceeded to play some numbers from their  album interspersed with some covers and rarities. There was a kind of half-time changeover when the two brothers exchanged vocal/drum duties. Visually and audibly they make reference to the early 70’s with a bit of glam and prog rock elements given a fresh twist.There are hints of the harmonies of queen in certain songs such as “These Words” for example.

They attracted a mixed crowd with probably the largest teenage element I have seen in a while(many with parents in tow chaperoning).

One of the problems of waiting six months to see someone is that the initial euphoria of finding someone  with a slightly different musical perspective might of run its course may have dissipated and that’s how I felt about these guys.

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