Moonlandingz at Electric Brixton – 22/11/2017

As I am trying to keep up the writing of this blog one of the challenges can be actually being able to compute the band in front of you if you havn’t heard any material before. You are forced into making comparisons and “sounds like” remarks, which could be flattering or alternatively taken negatively. Another problem is forcing your perception on others and also what must be a perennial band problem of it being so difficult to bring anything to the music world that has real originality. A bit more of that later.

So this outing I had no knowledge of the support bands. Honey Hahs are three sisters who write their own material and go for harmony as the base of their sound. They are signed to Rough Trade and earmarked for big things . From a very artistic/eclectic family background they have the credentials but at times it seemed to be more reminiscent of going to see a school concert with adoring parents in attendance . I’m obviously getting very reactionary in my old age but not convinced that girls as young as 8 should be in close confines with more traditional boy bands and attendant vices. Maybe that’s just me.

I’m sure it was their biggest gig to date so can be forgiven for a bit of nerves but they are apparently performing regularly twice a week and are due to release an album on Rough trade this year. Not really my thing I have to say.

Next up were young band Sweat who have apparently been compared favourably to The 1975 and say their influences are in Bowie and Glam but from what I could process have a strong dance music leaning ,using keyboards from the 1970’s to give it a retro feel. They se themselves as taking influence from Bowie’s Low/The Idiot period. Anyway it bounced along quite nicely  and they had a bit of swagger so whats not to like. Would need to listen more and triangulate my thoughts but not sure I have the time.

So having been fairly dismissive we come to Moonlandingz. For those who are interested they consider themselves a fictional band borne out of members of the Fat White Family (Lias and Saul) and the Eccentronic Research Council , who are a prolific keyboard based project who have had a number of collaborations ,including Maxine Peake .

This is the third time I’ve seen them this year and referring to my earlier comments about originality they pull on numerous influences , and to a certain extent parodying Bowie’s “Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust” (ie a story of the flawed rock star crashing to earth). However perhaps its about how you put it together because they have created believable alta egos.  I think they have done agood job at producing something that is instantly recognisable as them but not sounding like any current bands. Let me know if you think differently.

I saw a recent comment from a band member that after a year of relatively high profile they were now ready to disappear back to their old lives and go back to former projects. And that apparently what they are doing in 2018 , as the Fat white Family re-emerge. Interested to see if they pick up where they left off.

So the show was rock solid with the band pumping out the album track by track ,with a few B sides thrown in. 45 minute set and no encore but my impression that vocalist Lias would struggle to get back out for an encore as his persona is drink and drug fuelled It was clear he barely keeps his vocals together at times. But that the charm.He constantly referred to the rest of the band for the set list and at one point asked the crowd if they felt they had received “value for money”. I think this was reference to number of reviews suggesting the set was short for a headliner. Personally I would prefer that to a bloated set that lacks any dynamic. I remember that back in the day the Ramones would habitually polish off 10 songs in 22 minutes. Job done.

Good night out and hopefully they will return at some point.


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