Liv.Live at The Borderline featuring Meatraffle-10/02/2018.

Another new Venue for me with my first visit to the The Borderline in Soho. Nice space with a performance area and large tiered seating area towards the back that borders the L shaped bar. Drinks (well at least the house lager) reasonably priced . Main point of contention for the evening was that many people ordered cocktails and with only three bar staff getting a drink became a lengthy process. But it was Saturday night and really in no rush so should have chilled out a bit.

Not sure what the theme for the night or the occasion was celebrating but I had booked for the headliners.

There were three support acts. First was one member of the duo HUX who played acoustic songs to a n enthusiastic  bunch of mates I assume . Nothing to write home about but not really my thing anyway.

Second act was also acoustic but Alan Powers did have some interaction with the audience , telling stories and putting his tunes in context. He even stopped one song to complain about the level of talking in the audience ,which was both funny and spot on really as it is annoying when you have paid good money. Show some respect. His songs were vignettes of his life so far and kept the audience engaged (mainly).

Third support were a band called Joy who whacked out a few songs ,were lively enough but early days in terms of developing a sound. I didnt really  pay too much  because after the first song I went to the bar and by the time I was served  they had finished.

So I just managed to get in position before the Meatraffle folks took to the stage a few minutes early. They played a mixture of some new tracks and old stalwarts. “The Horseshoe” is arguably there danciest number and a segment of the crowd duly got  mobile . This track was halfway through the set which was brave as it could have meant the set went flat after that but I think they have experimented over time and there 45 minutes on stage went really quickly. Also for my money many of their songs are more upbeat live and so they kept the momentum going nicely with songs like “I am not a bird” ( for the misogynists in the audience) and new tracks that are possibly more melodic from the upcoming second album.

Also have to say the band is very tight. Outstanding drumming and bass playing give a solid bedrock to Chris OC’s more avant-garde keyboards. From were I was standing the guitar was lost a bit but they are developing a much fuller sound  based on  touring I would suggest.

The whole experience was over by 10.10 and I was on my way home.  Left hungry for more I would say. Need to find their next gig and looking forward to the difficult second album ( going to be announced by them as their third album to overcome this problem which has effected many a band)


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