Kooks charity concert for SMART at the Tabernacle Nottinghill-26/2/2018.


Bit of a last minute decision but went to see the Kooks in the intimate setting of the Tabernacle in Nottinghill. Interesting architecturally with a small galleried performance area the Kooks were playing in support of mental health charity SMART who are based locally.

Part acoustic, part full band they played a number of songs from the forthcoming fifth studio album and then preceded to pretty much fall back on the their first album,”Inside In/Inside Out” from 2006.  It has to be said that this is what the crowd obviously wanted and they clearly got the best response from songs such as “Seaside” and “She moves in her own way”.

As always I feel slightly sorry for the band as they want to do new material but get emotionally blackmailed into speeding through the old favourites. They are also getting that bit older and want to look to more mature numbers but keep on getting drawn back.

Of course I could be wrong and they may actually love doing the old songs as that created their original demographic.

They were a good choice for the event, which raised £10k , as they have an optimistic upbeat poppy feel at the core . And on a cold and unusually bitter Feb evening they were a nice diversion.

Just a short review as no support acts on the bill-Just an hour from the Kooks and home by 9.30.

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