Warmduscher and friends at The Dome-18/10/2018.

Went for a night out at one of my favourite smallish venues, The Dome, in Tufnell Park. Unresearched I was exposed to four acts. First on stage was” Jack Medleys Secure Men” which consisted of a singer and manic guitarist, plus sound effect pedals, creating a swirling back drop to half sung /half spoken lyrics. Nothing hugely ground-breaking but entertaining and suitably DIY to attract interest in the early evening crowd.

Up next were the “Fish Police” who seemed to be enjoying themselves and played with multiple influences of rock, African world music ,disco (in the style of Chic) wound together. A bit of on stage banter and dancing gave the impression they had come to spread the love. Songs about food, I remember especially one about chicken. They have been around a while and I guess don’t really fit any particular genre so they may have a difficult musical journey.

Third support before the headliners was a made up combo consisting of three keyboard/laptop players fronted by “Fat White family” lead singer Lias called “Decius”.

Didn’t know what to expect and certainly didn’t expect what happened .This act consisted of a 30 minute house/trance track that meandered and evolved whilst Lias delivered some barely discernible vocals at times including whoops and screams. Now this was one of those have to be there moments and a marmite moment. Half the crowd thought it was brilliant and the other half looked on in something like disbelief. I was in the former camp being totally open to something like this on that particular evening.

I really enjoyed another odd ball offering from the Bad Vibrations stable of artists.

“Warmduscher” came on around 10.00pm. Making full use of the Dome’s new PA it was ear splittingly loud. I had to move back and it was even loud right at the back by the mixing desk.  They played from both albums with what are now classic tracks like “Salamander” and “No friends” and slowing it down for “1000 whispers”. All good stuff in an altered universe where the band apparently met at some point in Whale City in the mid 1970’s.

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