Girl Band at Electric Ballroom-5/11/2019


I have been aware of “Girl band” for a couple of years hearing their EP with the cover of “Why they hide the bodies under my garage “while randomly searching for stuff. I was looking forward to seeing them and I like the electric ballroom. It’s  a good venue , partly for the fact that even if you are in the main bar you actually get a reasonable, if slightly restricted, view of the stage.

“Girl Band” were supported by” Silverback” a band that sounded a little like the “Fontaines DC”. Clearly not a criticism but the strong Dublin (?) vocal lilt made the linkage. They are conventional indie band in comparison to the boys of “Girl Band” although worth a further listen.

Highly anticipated by the packed venue “Girl Band” hit the stage at 9pm and launched into the back catalogue initially from “Holding Hands with Jamie” and then perhaps quite bravely playing tracks from the new album. I say this because the new album “The Talkies” is a strong development from their previous work and can’t be considered easy listening. It’s been four years in the making and therefore has some depth to its evolution. So it pushes a few boundaries which is a good thing but might be difficult to pick up fresh for new fans.

In terms of their performance it was big. The sounded great in the live medium and played a long set, airing all the crowd pleasers along the way. They dominated the space and had the crowd fully engaged.

If you like the kind of noise they play go see. There were a few fans of” Metz” in the crowd who are a band in my view that up to this latest album were fairly closely aligned musically. Not quite as much going forward as “Metz” have continued refining  there high energy thrash whereas “Girl Band “ have released a thoughtful album, possibly quite personal and introspective in many areas.

It’s been a few years since they visited these shores due to illness in the band. Hope they come back soon.

Set list Courtesy of

Pears for Lunch

Fucking Butter


The Last Riddler


Salmon of Knowledge


The Cha Cha Cha


Prefab Castle

Why They Hide Their Bodies Under My Garage?

(Blawan cover)

Going Norway


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