Little Comets at Scala Kings Cross-13/11/2019.

Little comets

It has been a while since I visited the Scala in Kings Cross. Pretty much the same intimate venue where quite bizarrely the inordinately tall seem to hover at the back of the auditorium making it difficult for old codgers like me without having to shift out of our favourite spots. But C’est la Vie.

The support was delivered by “Heir” a group of guys from Leeds with a nice endearing line in stage banter and strong upbeat, in the main, songs. Quick plug but they are playing the Camden Assembly on 18th March 2020 as headliners so definitely worth checking out. On a cursory listen they were a good compliment to the” Little Comets” musically and philosophically, if that’s not being too deep.

I have had a soft spot for the” Little Comets” since seeing them as first act at a Ben and Jerry’s summer festival in Clapham( I think) best part of 10 years ago. It was a sunny afternoon and there indie jangling guitar style and vocal gymnastics matched the weather perfectly.

This is not to say that there song catalogue is in anyway all sunshine as they certainly wear their hearts on their sleeves and over the years haven’t shied away from contentious issues.

Playing the Scala probably suggests that they are not growing their following but it was a good well humoured crowd and although it was only the occasional song that really got the audience moving they were greeted as old friends.

They project as thoroughly nice down to earth guys and the sound was crystal clear and the set polished. A few favourites were missed on the night but with I think five albums it makes sense to rotate the songs before you get to the point that you’re just rushing to get them finished and onto what you want to play. I’m sure the songs you wrote 10 years ago don’t have quite the same allure or meaning.

I left just before the encore but left happy and feeling just a little bit better about life having been immersed in their upbeat performance. Good to see them again and probably back again for the next two year cycle.


Set list

Courtesy of



Lost Time


A Little Opus

Common Things

The Man Who Wrote Thriller

Her Black Eyes

Darling Alistair



Little Italy

Bridge Burn

À bientôt


One Night In October

Dancing Song


3 Minute Faltz




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