Loud Women Fest 5- 19/09/2021- 229 Gt Portland St.

Honey Joy
Piney Gir
Jelly Cleaver
I Destroy

It’s been some while since I have been out to see a band due to the Covid pandemic so it was good to be back in that live band atmosphere with the anticipation of hearing some good bands. This is my third Loud Women Fest relocated from the previous venue of the Dome in Tufnell Park and obviously much delayed due to the slight issue of a global pandemic.

The crowd was a little sparse and I got the feeling people were a little wary of invading each others space but it wasn’t really a problem. Twenty bands had been confirmed for the day but due to other commitments and I only got to see seven in the middle of the running order. They were :


Honey Joy.

Piney Gir.



Jelly Cleaver.

I destroy.

The beauty for me of these events is that under the one banner of promoting women heavy bands , you get a really diverse range of musical styles . I think its important to support these grass roots events . I wasn’t disappointed as all the bands I saw gave it 100% and engaged the crowd. One of the stand out performers was Jelly Cleaver with her jazz fusion songs which she sang on the smaller more intimate second stage.

I had a really enjoyable afternoon and it was a great re-introduction to going out and seeing live bands. I would encourage anyone to look up the Loud women website and check out the bands that they promote.

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