Terror Matinee at Camden Underworld-3/11/2019.

Been a while since I posted a review and have missed out a couple which I might update eventually. Back at the Underworld in Camden which has been slightly rearranged since I was last there but essentially still the basement dive that’s so good to see bands.

Commercial Announcement: Drink pricing is keeping pace with inflation at £6.50 a pint so not a cheap afternoon out.

The running order was” Jesus Piece” , “World Collapse”,”Death before Dishonour”,” Outburst” and “Terror” headlining. The genre is heavy hardcore but within that rather rigid category there was some variation within the all US line up.

“Jesus Piece” were first on stage and arguably not the natural bottom of the bill. They had a big, if not the biggest, following of the event and delivered an energetic set which set the tone and bar for those to follow. A mixture of growling vocals juxtaposed with the bassists vocal accompaniment they had high energy levels.

Following were “World Collapse”, “Death before dishonour” and “Outburst” all who kept the music tempo rocking along (no slow numbers here-period) but each had their own unique sound and vocally quite a range of styles.

Finally “Terror” finished off the show encouraging the assembled to invade the stage and dive back into the throng. At times it looked like lemmings throwing themselves off a cliff such was the amount of traffic. Hopefully no one was hurt and they all found reasonably soft landings.

I should also mention that a hall mark of these shows, which is always interesting, is that despite the musical aggression, and the aggression in some areas of the audience the atmosphere is always very inclusive.

Also worth mentioning is that it was loud and it got louder as the afternoon progressed, ultimately meaning I resorted to earplugs which certainly helped but of course took a little of the edge away.

Good afternoon and very therapeutic in some respects . No attempt at musical subtlety of any kind. Just raw power.

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